We believe that innovation emerges from leaders who are HUMAN, IRREVERENT, JOYFUL and REAL

This year we are curating and publishing The Next 100 Report – telling the world the stories of India’s innovation leaders across sectors.

We are looking to cover the journeys of emerging scientists, entrepreneurs and non profit leaders who are changing India one innovation at a time.


Stay tuned for the release of the Next 100 Report this year which will be published both online and offline in November 2014.

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  • The NEXT 100 Index measures innovation readiness and capability in forward looking mid sized enterprises.

    I have been trained at the Indian Institute of Management to study firms at depth. My vision is to make this index the go-to-measure of innovation for Indian firms.

    Ravi Rakesh
    Ravi Rakesh
    Business Analyst

    I consult key clients to help them transform their innovation roadmap

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