Why Us

As your INNOVATION PARTNER, our job is to take your ideas and make them greater.

To help you create transformation that matches your aspirations.

Do More

ASAR means IMPACT in Hindi
Impact from innovation springs forth from a constant faith in our aspirations beyond what our resources can lead us to believe in.

Does your strategy = doing more with less?
Using our experience with both Fortune 500 and mid sized enterprises we can help you craft & execute a high impact innovation roadmap.


Myth 01: We have no (big) Data
Smart enterprises don’t need petabytes of data, an army of data scientists, even a big budget to get a meaningful start with analytics.

Start small to grow tall
We can help you carve art and science out of your data to harness new opportunities that you are only thinking about right now.


100 IDEAS versus ONE GOOD solution
Real Innovation doesn’t come from generating ideas. Lock and keys. What comes first! Real innovation comes from solving problems.

Are your people ready?
We can help you design and execute disruptive change programs to drive a problem solving DNA inside your organization.


Some of your toughest design challenges may have the simplest of solutions. You need to just discover them.

Is your design world proof?
We can help you validate the design of your products and services so that they make sense right down to the bottom of the pyramid.


As Chief Executive, are you struggling with insufficient and incomplete R&D expertise to power your bridges to the future?

Do not reinvent the wheel
We can help you frame solutions, scout for technology and create ecosystems to solve tough R&D problems.

  • The seed ideas for what we do were sown in Berlin in 2007 with Daisuke Nakayama of Mercedes Benz.

    Today a talented team drawing on advanced degrees from top global universities in India, Europe & Canada create path breaking innovation outcomes for our clients.

    Sanjukt Saha
    Sanjukt Saha
    Managing Director

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